Hello World

Shalom. My name is Desi and welcome to my blog. This is the very first blog post I have made on this website.  And just in time for Mardi Gras too!  I love Mardi Gras, everything about it makes me smile, even though I have never actually celebrated it. I do read stories about it though. I live vicariously through others, and probably will until I’m in college. I live in Upstate New York  A.K.A. The Tax State. I am an aspiring actress, journalist, author, producer…etc. etc. etc. I have big plans, and dreams that I will not let die. Hopefully this blog will chronicle my rise and the ups and downs I will go through. Cuz let’s face it, life ain’t perfect. Wow, somehow this went from light to heavy like that *snaps fingers*! Oh well, what can you do? *shrugs* I might get on later tonight or early tomorrow, but either way let the games begin. Ciao!

P.S.-If you have any questions, leave me a message.

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