Watch (revisited)

Shalom. First, Happy Thursday! I have no school tomorrow, so my weekend has arrived early. Now, for a riddle! Ahem: I end the race. I am the beginning of the end. The start of eternity and the end of space. There are two of me in Heaven and one in hell. I am in water, fire, sunshine and darkness. I am the beginning of earth and the end of life. What am I?

Take a guess, leave comments, I’ll tell you later Now, onto the blog.

Soooooooooo, as you can tell by the title of the blog, I’m going back on a subject previously talked about.  Couple of days ago, I posted that my girl J got her iPod Touch stolen. I am happy to say that she got it back. ♥♥♥

What happened was N stole J’s iPod, cuz N was suffering from a case of green-eyed-monster syndrome. *shudders*

Long story short, my girl J and I put our acting skills to work in gym. And it was straight improv, off the top of our head. We played offa each other so well, you woulda thought we had rehearsed beforehand. Of course we didn’t, but still. We . Are. That. Awesome. Enough of pumpin up my ego tho. So, after our wonderful performance, we went up to gym knowing we had N cornered. Sho nuff, at the end of the class N comes runnin after my girl J, shouting her name to high heaven. I left them with the parting shot, telling J I would see her after school to look at the security footage, and see if we could ID the thief, but I knew there would be no after school meeting. We got her, but just in case, I stayed late if in fact it turned out we had the wrong chick. So I’m in the library, phone on vibrate, which means phone on silent, since my vibrate only works when the phone is on loud. Please, don’t ask.

Anyway, J sends me a text at…Pause, let me get my phone…snap, I deleted it. One more sec and I’ll ask J… 2:01 pm on March 10th telling me she got her iPod back. But, N had changed the password to get it, haha. No lie. Serious as a heart attack. Haha. Not only that, but she took J’s headphones, her protective cover, she even password protected the iTunes app so J couldn’t get in. She deleted all of J’s contacts, emails, pictures…anything important was gone. So after figuring this out, J spends the better half of Friday reseting her system, getting all her music back, all her apps, all her accounts, everything she lost. She was so tired at the end, she didn’t wake up til I called her @ close to 1 o’clock pm, after calling each and every hour before that, starting at 7 am. * note: I’m not usually a morning person, so I was bored.*

J is one of the nicest people I know, because if it were me, we woulda had a BIG problem. Instead, J has kept the whole thing quiet. I can blog about cuz nobody knows me. *whispers* –>>> Anonymous!

Long story short, this is one story in which good triumphed over evil.

So please. Watch yourselves. Watch your friends, family, pets. Hmmm…that reminds I have a story about family thieves I have to tell ya’ll bout. Back to the current subject. You never know who has it out for you or your stuff til you find yourself flat on the ground with a knife in your back. Gather your true friends, cherish them, and pray that the number doesn’t dwindle.


Desi 🙂


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