Here’s My Super Long Story Part 2

I’m baaaaaack. *dodges flying projectiles* I know, I know I’ve been gone for a beat, but I’m back. Third quarter is over, and Spring Break is coming up. I’m all yours. *crosses fingers* Now, onto part 2!

So somehow, he escaped with is hand intact (he’s former Army…that might explain it.) Any who, he escaped unscathed, and informed us that the car was overheating. He turned a little knob thingy (I am so beast with cars!) and the car started venting air, and all was right with the world…not.

Shortly after, the car started bubbling again. And it did it again, and again, and again. Finally they dropped me off at home, because they only had one more trip, and I was becoming a basket case…literally. The car was making me jumpy. Alas, all good things come to an end. I won’t give you a picture by picture story, but just know that at one point, we were rolling with hazards on, topping…wait for it…20 miles per hour baby! Yeah!

So, after a looooonnnnngg night of moving, we were finally done. Driving away, we had a distant friend’s thanks ringing in our ears, and a monster rattling under the hood. And that was how we became carless.  So, for roughly a week, while my life went on as normally, my mom had to get rides into work. Side note, she hates, Hates! asking people for help. She’s like a borderline feminist…except a little calmer. But with the life she has lived, she is entitled. Not my story to tell, maybe she’ll tell y’all one day.

Back on track, the 11th of last month was my mom’s birthday. My school had a teacher workshop day that day, so I had no school.  So there we were, just lounging, when Big Bro called to inform us that he would be arriving the following day, or the day after that, which was Sunday. Now, the thing about my brother, and my mom, is that they are freakishly clean, like borderline OCD. Me, not so much. My brother served in the Air Force, so I know where he got it from. My mom? Not so much. So, we spring into action, cleaning and such, when we realize we have like, no food. Or at least no food that I , my brother, nor his wife would eat.

By the time we realize this, the day was done, so we resolved to go the next day. We get up early, and lounged around, finally moving, after Big Bro calls to tell us that they are on their way. By this time, it’s twilight outside. Now, we live near two colleges, and it was the unofficial St. Patrick’s Day party thing. Why they were having it before the actual day, I do not and will not know. So, a bunch of college kids are on the bus when we get off. Halfway to the campus, one girl comes up to the front of the bus and tells the driver that there is a kid in the back, passed out and unresponsive.


You may be wondering why he’s alone on the bus by himself. Funny story, a couple of stops before, he wasn’t. Yes, you read it right. He came onto the bus with friends. When their stop came up, they got all fidgety, looking toward the back. Presumably at…let’s call him Mark. But none of them, not a one made any effort to go and help him, wake him up, inform him in some significant way that they were leaving. Nope, they just walked off the bus, leaving their “friend” on a bus full of strangers. *sighs* Smh.


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