Workin’ Through

Hey peepers! Sorry I haven’t been on in a while, but I recently found out that my number one college pick didn’t pick me, and I’ve been working through that. I am now looking to apply to a community college, then set up to transfer. I got accepted to another college, but…there were some issues with it. I’m still processing the rejection. Mummy took it much harder than I did. Grandpa took it all right, and Grandmummy (yes, I capitalize these names) thought it was good to do community, then transferring. I’m contemplating reapplying to XXX next year, but I’m not sure. The ROI* percentage cuts down drastically for transfer students, and I don’t want to blindly throw money, hoping to get a YAHTZEE!** HMSLS pt. 3 will be coming soon. For now, be patient with me. Hopefully I’ll have my ducks in a row pretty soon.

* Return on Investment I want to get a MB in Executive Business Administration
** Not sure if I used that reference right.


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