The Return

Hello lovelies! I’m soooooooo sorry for being gone for so long, I had some things I needed to work out.But, now I am back. I will be posting the rest of the story a little later, with some self editing, and I might post a deleted “scenes” type thing. We’ll just have to wait and see, huh?  on another note, I am closer to launching the review blog idea I’ve been bandying around. The only thing missing is a name. So yeah, change is afoot.

Speaking of change, I’m moving! We’re in the process right now. You never realize how much junk you have, or how much of a hoarder/ pack rat you are, until you are confronted with a multi-state move. It is plain torture! The most cumbersome part is that my mom is leaving before I am, because my graduation is coming up soon. I’ve already ordered my cap and gown, and should get it some time next month.

Other important dates are prom, that is this weekend…and I still don’t have a dress! I know, I’m cutting it kind of close, but what can I say…nothing. But, on a positive note, I am now a size 16, where I used to be a 24, so happy day.

Now, since my mom is leaving before my graduation, my brother has graciously agreed to come down and stay with me until graduation, which works perfectly.

So, I think that is it for now lovelies, I will definitely be posting much more often, and way more regularly. Until next time wonderfuls! 


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