In Remembrance

Ten years ago today, the United States was attacked in a violent, and senseless way. The World Trade Center Twin Towers, along with the west side of the Pentagon were crashed into. A final plane was hijacked, but due to the bravery and selflessness of the passengers of United 93, a final attack was avoided at the cost of their lives.

All flights were hijacked within an hour of takeoff and were redirected to their intended targets. American Airlines Flights 11 and 175 were the planes that hit the Twin Towers within 17 minutes of each other confirming suspicions of the crashes being a terrorist attack. American Airlines Flight 77 hit the Pentagon shortly after. United Airlines Flight 93 was retaken by passengers and crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania which is approximately 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

After the second Tower was hit, it burned for 56 minutes before collapsing in on itself, killing over 900 people plus the passengers on the plane and the hijackers. The collapse of the towers resulted in a toxic dust being released, coating emergency workers and bystanders in a thick dust that was later deemed to be deadly.

Besides the countless deaths from the collapse, the crash, and the jumpers, 343 firefighters were lost on that day in New York City. In Arlington, Virginia, 125 Pentagon workers died along with the passengers of American Airlines Flight 77.

This day in the history of America is a painful reminder of how evil, evil can be, but is also proof that America can take a hit, and while we might have been knocked down, we were definitely not knocked out. Memorials were built and dedicated at all four sites, serving as a reminder of the heinous acts that still haunt the nation to this day.

To the survivors and the families of the victims, my heart goes out to you, and on behalf of America we will never forget.

To the emergency workers, fallen and still alive, I want to say that we will always remember the bravery you exhibited as America’s first responders.

And too our troops, America is praying for your safe and speedy return home.


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