Casey Anthony OMG!!

I wrote this piece the day she was found not guilty. Looking back, I sorta think the parents had some involvement somehow. Cindy does have a standoffish attitude about her, and you never know how anybody, even your spouse, will react to your suspicious thoughts of drowning. Intentional or non-intentional. *shrugs*

Alright so I’m sure most of you know about the Casey Anthony trial, if you don’t, get out from under that rock. Even I know, and I don’t have cable or internet 90% of the time! Background: Casey Anthony had a fight w/her fam on Father’s Day. She stormed out and neither her, nor her 2-yr-old daughter were seen for 31 days. Everyone calls asking, “Where’s Caylee? Where’s Caylee?”

They get rebuffed. After the 31 days, Casey shows up with no Caylee and a “suspicious” Bella Vista tattooo. Bella Vista translates to something along the lines of “Beautiful Life”. Pause. Okay first off, how is the tattoo suspicious? I mean, I know everyone one thinks she did it, but still…If I get a tattoo that says Bella Vista, am I going to be accused of murdering someone? Back In.

Okay, so after 31 days Casey comes back, no baby. Says the babysitter took her. Says that she’s been trying to find an alternative way to get Caylee back that doesn’t involve the police when she’s asked why she waited 31 days to report her missing. And on top of all that suspicious suspiciousness, no one knows who Caylee’s father is!

Speaking of fathers, suspicion was thrown onto Casey’s poppa a whole lot. Whatever else you want to say about Casey, you have to say she had a fantastic defense team…kinda like OJ…hmmmmm.

So yeah, it’s all suspicious. But, the only ones who know what happened are God and Casey….sooooo, what can you do.

Wrap up, she served the rest of her time for four counts of lying to the police. Whatever happens happens, I just hope Caylee didn’t suffer.

Basics: White chick’s baby goes missing. Baby discovered dead. White chick gets a tattoo and parties it up. White chick gets acquitted for murder. Did I miss anything?

Ah, what a beautiful life indeed Casey.


2 thoughts on “Casey Anthony OMG!!

    • A judge who was bound by the hands of the very law he was trying to uphold. Him and the jury. By the way, this is J everybody!

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