Coming Up.

I am very excited! Why? Because I am getting a new computer. My old one broke -read, I broke it- so now I need a new one. I should get it the week after next, not including weekends. And that means, I’ll be posting “Here’s My Super Long Story: The Final Chapter”, among other things. Bonus, is that this one has a webcam built in, so I can make videos and post ’em and junk. I actually have a great idea for a mini-series. I am excited with all the possibilities opening up right now.

I’m going to be starting college soon, part time for now. I’m debating on whether or not to die my hair. I get this urge when I’m bored with my hair and life, if I’m honest.

Anyway, enough rambling. I plan on posting later on today. Soooooooo good morning/afternoon/night to all my lovelies. Big kiss.


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