Three in One

Greetings lovelies!! How are you all doing this morning/ afternoon/ night/ indeterminable time? I hope life has caught you in good spirits, and if not…I can’t think of anything inspiring to say. Next time, maybe. So, today is a very special treat. Three -count ’em, three!!- posts in one. ūüôā Before we begin, a big shout out to Malia M. and Studio Brow: The Cosmetic Ultralounge for the follows. ūüėČ Now, on to business.

First, let’s talk about the fashion show. <————-Read this part with a fancy accent of your choice. Let’s begin.

The Prada 2012 Fall Fashion show was not what I expected, but it being my first,¬†real fashion show, it was pretty cool. I tuned into the live feed right before 11 o’clock est. I wanted to see what a show looked like before it happened. There were servers with hors d’oeuvre¬†on trays. There were other servers who had tall glasses of what appeared to be water on their trays. There was¬†trance-like¬†music playing ¬†faintly¬†in the background.It was both relaxing and energizing. The room was dominated by the “runway”. It was a large carpeted area, that was bisected by six purple pillars going length-wise. There was two additional pillars off the carpeted runway. The carpet was rectangular and purple, with a white border, a purple border, then a black border. Each border decreased in thickness. Geometrical shapes added a pattern for the eye to follow. Also, it would play a pretty big role in the show. There were six lights in total, three on each side of the pillars, hanging from the ceiling. The lighting was a diffused fluorescent. There were many people milling around, some were photogs, most were not. The seating was high school gym bleachers-esque.

So, me being me, I wanted to know what the music that was playing was. But, sadly my Shazam App could not pick up a note of the music being played in the background. ¬†That changed when the lights went up at the beginning of the show. Shazam identified three instrumental* songs straight off the bat: Everyday by Descendants of Cain, Lacrimosa by DJ Alex Leader Feat. Z. Preisner**, and Neuklon by David Bowie. More might have played, but I got caught up in the show…my bad. All three tracks were slightly haunting, and they reminded me of another instrumental track I’ve heard: Underwater Simulation, I’m not sure of the artist. Anyway, so the lights went up, the room went¬†silent, the music came on, and the show began. The first outfit out was comprised of a black blazer, black pants, and a black bag. The only color on the model was her bleached eyebrows, the blue liner on her lower lid, and the splash of color on her shoes. ¬†The high heeled shoes the models wore varied in color at the tips, the colors were orange, yellow, purple, black, white, brown, and silver. After her, it was a parade of¬†micro print¬†suits and bags, trench coats, funky belts, and a fusion of pants and a dress. There was a lot of texture on the outfits, shiny faux jewelry-I’m assuming it was faux-, beads, there were even a few metallic clutches¬†thrown in¬†for good measure. Solids and patterns were put together to make eye catching ensembles. Sometimes, there were patterns on top of patterns, but the outfits avoided looking busy. Some models were also wearing glasses with purple lenses and orange frames. And all of the models had their hair slicked back from their faces. They walked with military precision, and kept straight somber faces. It was like a fusion of vintage and futuristic. After the finale, the designer, Miuccia Prada came out from backstage and took a bow. All in all, it was an interesting Fall collection. Very cool.

On to the next one. My Stripe Rite nail design. I posted my four fingers as the featured image, my thumb is down there.

Finally, Marni*** at H&M.

Retro. Vintage. 60s. Those were the first three things I thought when I saw the pictures and the individual pieces for the campaign. There are polka dots, cardigans, blazers, micro prints, button up coats, and patterned blouses.¬†But, it didn’t carry a stuffy feel. The silk dresses look very fluid. If the wind was to blow, the dress would dance around your legs like children at a birthday party. Looking at the designs and the patterns, I could feel how cold and smooth the silk would feel on my legs. I could feel the wind running through my hair. I could hear the sounds of the party, and smell the trees and grass and flowers. It is¬†weird, because Marni at H&M reminded me of the Prada Fall 2012 Collection. I love the patterned pants and shirts that look like they could be used for¬†lounge wear. I love the swimsuit. The sequined collar, and the sunglasses. I would steal some of the men’s clothes. And the earrings and bracelets are 2D4. ¬†But, I love to feel the sun and the wind on my legs…Which means I’m a shorts girl! Which is why I love the silk shorts, although, bright pink might not be my color ūüėČ The collection is one you should definitely check out, and since¬†I’m a person who learns through both visual and¬†auditory means, I have provided a link so you can check out the collection first hand:¬†—pictures–news/gallery

So lovelies, here is your three fer. I hope you enjoyed. Any questions, comments, accolades, concerns, or subject topics, please do not hesitate to comment below.

Ciao for now! ūüėČ

* If you like instrumental music, check out the group E.S. Posthumus. I absolutely love them!

**I prefered the original Lacrimosa by the main man, Mozart, himself, but this was… *ponders before snapping fingers* Experimental!

***Marni is a pretty cool name.


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