I haven’t been on in a bit, my bad. I just wanted to pop out a quick post. I’m planning on changing the name of the blog, including the web address. I’ve been feeling like “Turbulent Reality” while true, is slightly depressing. So, what do you guys think about “As It Is” or “Life As It Is”? Or, if you have better suggestions, I am all ears. Comment below and let me know what you think.


One thought on “Change…

  1. I think life ‘as it is’ …. is perfect. The design of life is incredible but complex. That’s why spiritual people call it the divine dichotomy. In other words, within this perfect design lies ‘imperfection’ and that could be discerned as Turbulent Reality. This duality has been described as the Yin and Yang of life by the ancient Taoists. 🙂

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