Music and Munchin’

Kia Ora my lovelies! Firstly, big shout out passionfortruths for the comment. 🙂 It was very insightful. Now, onto the post.

I am in love…with Pandora Internet Radio, and Pizza Hut! Alas, I have not found my physical love yet. *swoons* So, I am left with inanimate objects to be my focus of happiness.

For those of you who don’t know, Pandora is an online Internet Radio website. The cool thing about Pandora is that you can type in most any song, and it will find music that matches what you like. It will then make a “station”, based on the song you typed in, the “seed” song. For example, I have a station that was seeded by Eminem “‘Till I Collapse”, and it plays songs and artists similar to it, songs and artists I might not have ever listened to because I did not grow up with them. Like, Dr. Dre (I know, I know), Snoop Dogg (I still know), Biggie, Ice Cube, so on and so forth. I am proud to say that I knew about Tupac.

Right now, I’m listening to Pac (fantastic wordsmith!) and Dre, Snoop Dogg, old school Eminem, Bad Meets Evil, even a little Ice Cube has been sprinkled in. And of course, HOVA himself. “99 Problems” is my new theme song, or “Kush” by Dre feat. Snoop and Akon, or “Echo” by Bad Meets Evil or…Needless to say, I am loving it. A lot of lyrics I hear from “modern-day” artists, I hear in old school tracks, and it’s cool to hear the influence.

Now, if you don’t like a certain song that is playing, you have the option of giving it a thumbs down, which will stop it and songs like it from playing on your station. If you dislike the song while it is playing, Pandora will automatically move onto the next one. Alternately, if you like the song you’re listening to, you can give it a thumbs up and you’ll hear it play again, along with songs like it. If you’re like me, and are not sure about a song sometimes, you don’t have to give it a thumbs up or down, it will play again later, and you might like it more, or hate it. Then you can decide. Also, you aren’t stuck with just one station. You can seed other songs, or artists, and Pandora will make a station for each one. I have twelve stations Latin Radio, E.S. Posthumus Radio, and Kerli Radio, to name a few. And I love all of them. Having more than one station is good if you have more than one mood…see what I did there? For those of you with an iTouch, an iPhone, an Android platform phone, or a BlackBerry, you can download the Pandora App and listen on the go. For those of us with an iTouch, WiFi is needed because the app uses the internet, thus its name “Pandora Internet Radio”. Pandora is also available in certain cars.

Now, for some minuses, nut they’re not for me, not really. Anyway, Pandora Radio has to pay royalties for every song that is played every time it is played. So, to pay those royalties, they play ads. I know what you are thinking. Ads?! Really? Yes, but not too many, and some are actually cool. For instance, there’s an advertisement for 250 free business cards from a company called VistaPrint. They actually have some cool card designs. The ads usually last around 30 seconds, and then you’re back into the music. It’s actually a good deal. The other minus I can think of is that you have a limit on how many times you can “skip” a song. When you skip a song, it could be because you disliked it, or because you just did not want to hear that song at the time. Anyway, you get six skips per hour, per station, with a roof of twelve skips per day across all the stations. now, this applies to Free Pandora members like myself. You can upgrade to Pandora One for $36 a year, and have the twelve skip limit removed, but you will still have the six skips per hour per station limit. I figure I’ll eventually get Pandora One, but until then, I’m okay with the ads, I mean I’m getting this music for free essentially. Momma didn’t raise no fool.

So, to sum up, I am very much in love with Pandora. And for those of you thinking that I’m a serious newb for just finding out about Pandora, joke is on you. I’ve had a Pandora since it was first started, I’m just really happy about the songs they’re giving me, I’m broadening my horizons.

Now, onto Pizza Hut. They have been advertising their $10 box, a purported $16 dollar value. I got that last night…It was awesome! The pizza was good, and so was their cheesy bread. The bread was not as cheesy as the Domino’s bread, but it was still good. The best part of the box was hands down, the cinnamon sticks! OMG!! I died when I took my first bite. They were the perfect mix of cinnamon, dough, and delicious deliciosness! I mean, those were probably the best cinnamon sticks I’ve ever had. And dipping them into the icing was the cherry on top. Okay. The pizza was the advertise square shape, cut into eight slices. Certain slices had more sauce than tho others, but other than that it was pretty good. The cheese bread, that was a dollar extra, was pretty good. The cheese did not ooze, but it was tasty. But, again, the show was stolen by the cinnamon sticks. All in all, it was pretty good, and the delivery woman was really nice. So, if you’re hungry and are interested in the Box, go ahead and try. If you like it, cool, and if you don’t…well…You’ve learned something new about yourself!

That’s it for now lovelies!



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