Shalom. For some reason, my computer is acting up, so this is my first mobile post! Today is just a day of firsts. Now, onto the blog.

So, today was a relatively normal day. I have late arrival at school so I don’t have to go on until 5th period. My class starts at 11:30, and the buses in my city don’t always run on time. <<<— major understatement So I get to school when the first bell rings, and I get into class a minute after the second bell and I see some1 in my seat. I’m thinking to myself “Maaaan! Now imma have to find a new seat.” the seating arrangements in that class aren’t strict at all. Heck, most of the time I sit in the teacher’s chair. It’s mad comfy, and it’s one of those rolly chairs.

Anyway, upon further inspection I realized that it was my girl J. Now J and I are mad cool, which is weird. (notice: I’m really not into astrology, I just like learning about the personality traits which are usually spot on.) Now, I’m a Scorpio and proud of it, my girl J…she’s a Leo. Now our personalities aren’t really supposed to mesh well, but they do. We occasionally bicker, but for the most part we’re cool. So when I saw it was her in my seat I was cool. The class, Economics, was cool. We learned about the five pillars of a free market economy. I won’t kill you guys with the details, but it was a good class.

Now close to the end I had to set my girl straight. She was under the assumption that she didn’t have gym today…she did. So for the rest of the day everything was cool. We shied some more in gym, nothing unusual. I have early release so after seventh period, I was out like a shot. For the rest of the day, I was chillin’ like a villain. Until J sends me a text at 8:46 pm stating that someone stole her iPod touch. Pause. Let it marinate. Now, on top of that, she’s 80% sure that she knows the chick that took it. Sadly, my girl didn’t activate the MobileMe app that would let her track it. We’re currently working on a solution, but the situation is grim. Now I stated all of that to say this: Watch your stuff, and watch the people around you. Because people will not hesitate to do you dirty if they think they can get away with it. Heed my warning. Desi out.


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